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How To Protect Outdoor Wood

How To Protect Outdoor Wood

Summer is almost with us and now is the perfect time to spruce up your garden and make all the changes that you’ve been saving for the warmer months. Wooden features are a beautiful addition to any back yard, regardless of the size, and wood is a material that lasts for years and matches most aesthetics. However, wood does require some maintenance if you want it to enjoy a long lifespan, and there are a few things that you should do to take care of it and shield it against the elements. As specialists in carpentry and all things wood, we want to share our best tips on how to protect outdoor wood to make sure you’re looking after it in the best way possible.

Consider your climate

Wood responds differently in different environments, so it’s important that you consider your climate. Those who live in a sunny, desert-like climate should be concerned with protecting their wood from the sun, while those who live in more of a wet climate, such as Vancouver, should be concerned with protecting their outdoor wood from rain and varying temperatures.

Paint it

One great way to protect outdoor wood is to paint it. You may choose to do this as soon as you get the feature built, or as time goes on, but it’s an effective way to protect the wood from rain and sun/UV damage. This also allows you to get creative in terms of colours and paint your fences, trellises, decking, or other wooden structures to match the theme of your garden. You should reapply the paint every few years or when you notice it fading or chipping.

Use water sealers or varnish 

You should also look at buying a water sealant and/varnish to preserve your wood. A water sealant is very effective especially in climates that experience a lot of rain as it protects your wood from excess moisture and helps it to dry faster to prevent it from splitting and rotting. Varnish is another great product to apply that maintains the look of your wood and protects it from the elements.

Talk with your local carpenter

If you think your outdoor wood furniture is perhaps past the point of repair, bring in your local carpenter to assess the damage and see what can be done. If the decking boards are weather damaged, for example, there may be a way to repair it rather than invest in a whole new deck. Your carpenter will also be able to advise on how best to look after your wood and what products to use.

How do you protect your outdoor wood?

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